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Monday, August 5th 2019

6:44 PM

SCV Telegraph - The SCV & Social Media


As most of you have seen, there has been an increase of SCV activity on social media such as Make Dixie Great Again and the current video series, The Face of the SCV Today. With the rise in our presence on the internet, it brings with it the negative actions of our adversaries.

In order to counter these negative attacks, we ask all managers of Sons of Confederate Veterans Facebook pages/groups, Twitter accounts, Instagram and all other social media platforms to immediately ban the user. No discussions, no messaging, no debating, just hit them with the ban hammer. Also all SCV sites should check their Profanity Filter and check set to "strong" if not already.

Social media is not an arena for debate. There is no winning arguments on social media. When you take to arguing or debating, you "feed the trolls." These adversaries thrive on conflict and confrontation. Do not allow them to take you down that path. There are no winners on social media platforms.

For those members who like/subscribe to various Sons of Confederate Veterans social media platforms, report negative activity to the administrators & moderators of pages. With so much interaction over the internet, it is difficult for those running the page to catch every infraction.

As we push forward to take back the narrative, we need to reorganize into social media teams. Some of these internet platforms are only managed by one person. Every division, brigade & camp that has a page, should put together a group of people that can watch & monitor activity. Only by working as a team can we effectively fight our adversaries on the digital front-lines.

A soldier in the Cause,

Brian McClure
National SCV Deputy
of Communication & Networking

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