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Monday, August 5th 2019

6:44 PM

SCV Telegraph - The SCV & Social Media


As most of you have seen, there has been an increase of SCV activity on social media such as Make Dixie Great Again and the current video series, The Face of the SCV Today. With the rise in our presence on the internet, it brings with it the negative actions of our adversaries.

In order to counter these negative attacks, we ask all managers of Sons of Confederate Veterans Facebook pages/groups, Twitter accounts, Instagram and all other social media platforms to immediately ban the user. No discussions, no messaging, no debating, just hit them with the ban hammer. Also all SCV sites should check their Profanity Filter and check set to "strong" if not already.

Social media is not an arena for debate. There is no winning arguments on social media. When you take to arguing or debating, you "feed the trolls." These adversaries thrive on conflict and confrontation. Do not allow them to take you down that path. There are no winners on social media platforms.

For those members who like/subscribe to various Sons of Confederate Veterans social media platforms, report negative activity to the administrators & moderators of pages. With so much interaction over the internet, it is difficult for those running the page to catch every infraction.

As we push forward to take back the narrative, we need to reorganize into social media teams. Some of these internet platforms are only managed by one person. Every division, brigade & camp that has a page, should put together a group of people that can watch & monitor activity. Only by working as a team can we effectively fight our adversaries on the digital front-lines.

A soldier in the Cause,

Brian McClure
National SCV Deputy
of Communication & Networking

SCVNews and SCV Telegraph are Copyrighted
1999-2019, Sons of Confederate Veterans.
The SCV Telegraph Mailing List is for Official

Sons of Confederate Veterans, PO Box 59, Columbia, TN 38402

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Sunday, August 4th 2019

12:22 PM

The July Key Camp Newsletter has been posted to the Key Camp site.

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Saturday, August 3rd 2019

10:56 PM

About the SCV

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Saturday, July 27th 2019

6:01 PM

SCV Telegraph - Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

General Order 2019 - 1

Whereas, with the current vicious and despicable attacks being
waged against the law enforcement officers around the country
today, and

Whereas, law enforcement officers are the domestic protectors of
our citizens, our society and our way of life, and

Whereas, responsible citizens have a moral duty to support the
institutions and citizens who place their lives in peril every
day so that our society can enjoy the rights, privileges and
freedoms of citizens of a great republic which our forefathers
and God provided us,

Now therefore, the following proclamations is hereby published to
the Confederation:

Thursday, August the 15th of 2019 shall be proclaimed as National Law
Enforcement Appreciation Day by the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
Camps, Brigades and Divisions are hereby highly encouraged to
show their support to their local law enforcement officials on
this day by any and all means appropriate on this day.  We offer
our most sincere thanks and appreciation to those who place their
lives in the Almighty's favor on a daily basis protecting and
serving the public.

By order of the Commander - in - Chief,

Paul C. Gramling, Jr.

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Wednesday, July 17th 2019

2:01 PM

SCV Telegraph - 2019 SCV National Competitive Award Winners

Greetings Compatriots!

SCV Awards Committee Chairman Randy Burbage released the following list of award winners from the Awards Luncheon and Banquet held at last week's Annual Reunion in Mobile, Alabama. Congratulations to all award recipients!

Adam Southern
Executive Director


2019 SCV National Competitive Award Winners

Scrapbook Awards

Dr. B.H. Webster Award- Best Scrapbook for camps < 50 members.
Lt. Alexander Cameron Camp #2226 Greenville, Texas.
James M. Pearce, Commander.

Judah P. Benjamin Award - Best Scrapbook for camps > 50 members.
R.E. Lee Camp #239 Fort Worth, Texas. Kirk Barnett, Commander.

Historical Project Award

Dr. James B. Butler Award - Best historical project by camp or individual.
Two first place winners this year:
1) Ft. Blakeley Camp #1864 Baldwin County, Alabama. Tommy Rhodes, Commander. For relocation / re-dedication of monument removed from West Palm Beach, Florida cemetery.
2) Secession Camp #4 Charleston, SC. Charles Long, Lt. Commander / Project Director. For Landscaping / Irrigation Project at Soldiers Ground in Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, SC.

Website Award

General Samuel Cooper Award - Best Camp, Division or Army website.
Col. Bradford & Rose Camp #1638 Morristown / Mossy Creek, Tenn. Joshua Cameron, Webmaster

Newsletter Awards

Dr. Paul John Miller Award - Best newsletter camps < 50 members.
Confederate Secret Service Camp # 1710, Sierra Vista, Arizona for their newsletter, The Vedette. Curtis Tipton, Editor.
S.A. Cunningham Award - Best newsletter camps > 50 members.
Lt. Richard Taylor Camp # 1308, Shreveport, LA. Bobby Herring, Editor.

Dewitt Smith Jobe Award - Best Division Newsletter.
North Carolina Division for their newsletter, The Carolina Confederate. Byron Brady, Editor.

Stand Watie Award - For the largest donation to the Stand Watie Scholarship Fund. Illinois Division, Bradley A. Taylor, Commander.

Recruiting Awards

Edward L. Darling Award - To the individual SCV member recruiting the most members during the year.
J.C. Hanna, Gen. Richard Taylor Camp # 1308, Shreveport, LA. 75 new members.

Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest Award - Presented to the camp with the greatest net gain in members. There was a three way tie with each camp recruiting 26 new members.
1) Kirby Smith Camp #1209, Jacksonville, FL. Calvin Hart, Commander
2) DeKalb Rifles Camp #1824, Selma, AL. Gary Carlyle, Commander
3) Col. William P. Rogers Camp #321, Corinth, MS.
Dennis M. Brown, Commander

General A.P. Hill Award - Presented to the Division with the greatest net gain in camps. The Tennessee Division, James Paterson, Commander.

Gen. Albert Sydney Johnson Award - Presented to the army with largest net gain in camps for the year. The Army of Trans Mississippi, Darrell Maples, Commander with a net gain of 7 new camps.

General William D. McCain Distinguish Camp Award

Distinguished Camp Award - Presented to the best camp in the SCV.
Admiral Raphael Semmes Camp #11 Mobile, AL. Joe Ringhofer, Commander.

Superior Camp Award - Highest scoring camp in each Army

Army of Northern Virginia - Secession Camp #4 Charleston, SC. Randy Burbage, Commander.
Army of Tennessee - Ft. Blakeley Camp #1864 Baldwin County, AL. Tommy Rhodes, Commander.
Army of Trans Mississippi - Capt. James P. Douglas Camp #124 Tyler, Texas. Johnnie Holley, Commander.

Outstanding Camp Award - Camps scoring well.
Confederate Secret Service Camp #1710 Sierra Vista, AZ.
Donnie Davis, Commander
Lt. F.C. Frasier Camp #668 High Point, NC. Ron Perdue, Commander.
16th South Carolina Regiment Camp #36 Greenville, SC. Frank Tucker, Commander.

Stephen D. Lee Award - Highest award presented to a non-member.
Phillip Nassar - Alabama
Gov. Brian P.Kemp - Georgia

Commander-in-Chief's Ladies Appreciation Award
Ella Hanna - Louisiana
Shirley White - North Carolina

Robert E. Lee Award
Walter Donnie Kennedy - Louisiana
Robert Samuel Jason Boschers - Tennessee
Darrell L. Maples - Missouri

Jefferson Davis Chalice - Highest Award that can be presented to a SCV member.
Douglas Nash - North Carolina

SCVNews and SCV Telegraph are Copyrighted
1999-2019, Sons of Confederate Veterans.
The SCV Telegraph Mailing List is for Official

SCV Telegraph mailing list

Sons of Confederate Veterans, PO Box 59, Columbia, TN 38402

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Monday, June 17th 2019

7:09 PM

Kansas Division Donates Flag To Elm Springs Confederate Museum

On June 17, 2019 the Kansas Division, SCV donated a copy of its flag for display in the soon to be completed Confederate Museum being constructed at Elm Springs in Tennessee.

All Kansas Division Camps shared equally in the cost of acquiring this flag. Camps sharing in the cost of acquiring this flag are: Col’s Lewis & Harrison Camp, 1854 of Topeka, Ks., B.G. William Steele Camp, 1857 of Leavenworth, Ks., Major Thomas J. Key Camp, 1920 of Lenexa, Ks., South Kansas Camp, 2064 of Wichita, Ks., B.G.’s Buckner & Chilton Camp, 2227 of Dodge City, Ks. We in the Kansas Division are mighty proud of this flag and have displayed it only one time. We displayed it only one time at our recent Kansas Division Convention in Topeka, Ks. on June 15, 2019.

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Monday, April 5th 2004

12:21 PM

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