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Saturday, July 27th 2019

6:01 PM

SCV Telegraph - Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

General Order 2019 - 1

Whereas, with the current vicious and despicable attacks being
waged against the law enforcement officers around the country
today, and

Whereas, law enforcement officers are the domestic protectors of
our citizens, our society and our way of life, and

Whereas, responsible citizens have a moral duty to support the
institutions and citizens who place their lives in peril every
day so that our society can enjoy the rights, privileges and
freedoms of citizens of a great republic which our forefathers
and God provided us,

Now therefore, the following proclamations is hereby published to
the Confederation:

Thursday, August the 15th of 2019 shall be proclaimed as National Law
Enforcement Appreciation Day by the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
Camps, Brigades and Divisions are hereby highly encouraged to
show their support to their local law enforcement officials on
this day by any and all means appropriate on this day.  We offer
our most sincere thanks and appreciation to those who place their
lives in the Almighty's favor on a daily basis protecting and
serving the public.

By order of the Commander - in - Chief,

Paul C. Gramling, Jr.

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